World Autism Awareness and Acceptance Day: Send a Kid to Camp Campaign


On Wednesday, April 2, recognized as World Autism Awareness Day, families across NC will mobilize in support of people affected by autism. The goal is to help others understand autism, while raising $10,000 in one day to send kids with autism to summer camp. This campaign is led by families across the state who understand what is possible when campers with autism experience summer camp.

Camp Royall, the nation’s oldest and largest camp for individuals with autism, provides life-changing experiences to campers every year. Campers learn to swim or make their first friend, all while their families enjoy a much-needed break. For many campers, this would not be possible without scholarships.

“This camp has given my son the chance to be a kid in a world that understands and embraces him.” – Parent of a camper

Photo-159 What can you do?

Sign up to attend our World Autism Awareness and Acceptance Day celebration and come to Camp Royall so you can see this magical place! The activities and lunch are free, but we will accept donations. To help us plan for staffing and food, please RSVP by clicking here. Help us reach our goal of raising $10,000 in one day to send kids to camp by making your donation here. Spread the word about our World Autism Awareness and Acceptance Day celebration and our Send a Kid to Camp campaign.

“I hope I get to come back here next year!” – Amy, Camp Royall camper

We Need You

If each family that reads this blog inspires five people to donate $20 – enough to give a camper an hour of summer camp to learn skills once thought unattainable and families a much-needed break – we will exceed our goal. Spread the word by issuing this challenge to friends through email, Facebook, Twitter, or your blog.

To learn more about what makes Camp Royall “The Best Week Ever,” click here:

What is World Autism Awareness and Acceptance Day?

DSC_0806In 2008, the United Nations General Assembly unanimously declared April 2 as World Autism Awareness Day to highlight the need to help children and adults with the disorder to lead full and meaningful lives. The Autism Society of North Carolina recognizes that acceptance of each person as an individual and of their ability to contribute to society is just as important, so we include “Acceptance” in the day’s title.

After last year’s event, a mother shared a wonderful perspective on the day. Read it here:


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