CAP IDD MRDD Waiver Changes Delayed Again

The Autism Society of North Carolina previously provided an update about major changes that were expected to take place for people currently receiving CAP IDD (MRDD) Waiver services. It is our understanding that the Division of Medical Assistance and Division of MHDDSAS has received another extension of the current waiver until June 28, 2012.

We expect that the Division of MHDDSAS will soon issue more extensive information about what this means for CAP I/DD (MRDD) waiver plans that are currently in effect.  When that information becomes available ASNC will issue a longer update with information about what this means for your services similar to the one we wrote in December.

Please stay in contact with your case manager (or your care coordinator at the LME/MCO if you are in PBH, former Alamance-Caswell, former Five County, or Western Highlands) if you have questions about your particular services or plans. Know that at this moment, they may not have much more information than we have listed here.

Comprehensive and Supports CAP I/DD waivers in some areas of the state  already have or will transition to Innovations waivers under the new managed care model. PBH, former Alamance Caswell, former Five County and Western Highlands have already made this transition to managed care organizations using the Innovations waiver. OPC LME and East Carolina Behavioral Health LME will become managed care organizations operating the Innovations waiver on April 1, 2012.


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  1. My son is entering Kindergarten next year in an AU 1 program. These are the schools I need to choose from and I don’t know anything about them. I checked their websites and were not much help.
    – York elementary
    – Stough elementary
    – Millbrook Magnet elementary
    – Leesville Road elementary
    Thank you for any info, suggestions.

    • Chris,

      Depending on which county you are located in, there may be a local ASNC Chapter and/or a local “user” group, like a Yahoo Group or a Google Group to pose these questions to a group of other parents in your area. From your list, it looks like you are in Wake County, but I don’t want to make assumptions. You can call our Raleigh Area Parent Advocates at 1-800-442-2762 (ask for Tali or Nancy) and they can connect you to some local parents in your area. In addtion, we have a Facebook Group, separate from our Facebook Page, and often parents will ask for advice from other parents via this group:!/groups/autismsocietyofnc/

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