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From Scott Taylor:

Please join me in thanking Rep. David Price (Chapel Hill / Durham/Raleigh) for co-sponsoring the “Autism Treatment Acceleration Act” (ATAA).  Rep. Price joins Senator Kay Hagan and Rep. Bob Etheridge as the only members of the North Carolina congressional delegation to co-sponsor this important bill and is the 75th member of the House to do so.

                The ATAA will require insurance coverage for the diagnosis and treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders including ABA therapy.  What’s more, it would create several demonstration projects such as the creation of an Autism Care Center and an educational program to assist young people on the autism spectrum with the transition to adulthood.

                I would also like to thank all of you who wrote letters, made phone calls and requested meetings with Rep. Price.  It was your combined voices that communicated the necessity of this bill far better than any one person or organization could do. 

                When you have a minute, please call or write Rep. Price and thank him for his support.  If you haven’t already done so, drop a line to Sen. Hagan and Rep. Etheridge to thank them as well.  It is with their help that we will get this bill passed into law.

Special thanks to Scott, and Lisa and David Kaylie for their efforts in this area (David is also scheduled to speak to the Joint Study Committee on ASD and Public Safety about autism health insurance coverage today at 2 p.m.).

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