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Work with me, dear people.  I submit the following de-stressing tips for caregivers, professionals, advocates, and activists:

1.  Put out the biggest fire closest to you first.  I know your list is long, but it helps to have a prioritized plan of action.

2.  Ask for help.

3.  Eat when you’re hungry.  Sleep when you’re tired.  Lack of proper food and rest can make you kuh-RAY-zeeee (sing it out, now).

4.  Learn how to tummy breathe.  You’re so Zen…

5.  Do a little dance.  Make a little love.  Get down tonight.  Last night I remembered how much fun dancing is.

6.  If you can’t have A Room Of One’s Own, clear out a corner for yourself.

7.  Do something non-autism related.  Then get back to work.



11 Responses

  1. 8. Get a good laugh from Alison’s picture post!

  2. Remember the old ads for Aqua Velva? A slap in the face and then, “Thanks. I needed that.” It’s a good reminder to try try try to take care of ourselves. Autism is like a Dyson – it never loses its ability to suck… Time, energy, money, our brains. Could you add a photo of a large piece of chocolate? Maybe football field sized? 🙂 Kim

  3. LOL! This is great!

  4. Great! So true!

  5. GREAT post! Thanks for the reminder to remember me too.

  6. Benismyson – you DOG you! Even I’ll sit through a game on THAT field. Rah Rah pass the milk! Thanks!


  7. Good advice for anyone – the trick is to remember to do it.

  8. Too true but too often blown off…..thank you for the reminder that we need to take care of ourselves too. In my case, I will when I can but thank you for reminding me I HAVE TO!!!!!

    Love and hugs, J

  9. Great tips, it is just hard to do all those things… It feels sometimes that you do not exist, everything is about the baby and his/her needs. But it is so true that we have to take care of ourselves, otherwise if we are gone, who will take care of our kids…

  10. […] learned to take my advice from a past post or two.  The tip about asking for help is well ingrained by now.  But what do you do if no one […]

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